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Who The Hell Is Molly?

I am a midlifer who got a broadcasting and journalism degree but never used it professionally, and instead worked a corporate sales gig to pay the bills long enough for the writer in me to start shriveling up and dying…that is, until blogging rehydrated me…and now I am a self proclaimed midlifin’ guru, with my finger on the pulse of all issues important to women in the middle of their lives. Subscribe here if you never really liked that phrase “Forty is the new thirty”, either.

Midlifin’…In A Good Way

Molly knows it’s half over. She is sometimes scared by this realization, and other times invigorated by it. Still other times she is frozen by it, regretful in it, exhausted from it, peaceful, proud, or nostalgic about it. Sometimes she can’t decide if the first half sailed by her or if she sailed through it, but ALL of the time she is dumbfounded and profoundly awed by the utter speed at which it happened that she finds herself at that bridge in life which connects youth to old age, early with late, before with after, and what was with what will be. She endeavors to cross this bridge cane and crutch-free, with as much balance, class, courage, hope, peace, humor and strength that her middle-aged mind, body, and spirit can muster!!

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