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Contact Midlife Molly

Wishing to bite the head off of Midlife Molly because she said something despicable (or you are just having one of those moody midlifin’ moments?) We understand. You can contact her with all of that and more:

Having a midlife crisis or midlife niceis moment you’d like to vent about, inspire others with, and share publicly?

Want to suggest a topic for a post, or be a guest poster?

Have your own blog and wish to collaborate or have me link to a pertinent article of yours? Want to get a quote from me for your article, or in any other way utilize some of my midlifin’ wisdom and brilliance?

Want me to entertain a book proposal, or wish to hire me for a one-time or ongoing writing project?

You can do any or all of that by filling in the form below or emailing me here.